The firm property panda Pvt Ltd, which was established in India in accordance with the Companies Act, 1956 ("Company"), is the owner and operator of the website as well as the mobile application "Property panda" (collectively, "Website"). The Company's business is to enable owners, tenants, buyers, and sellers to explore and identify all types of immovable properties, such as land, buildings, factories, houses, apartments, and other residential, commercial, and industrial plots and properties, and to carry out transactions involving the purchase, sale, licensing, leasing, hiring, renting, or other activity relating to transferable, and nontransferable properties ("Services").

The Company's privacy practices with regard to the entire Website's content are outlined in this privacy statement (the "Privacy Policy").

The Terms of Use and other terms on the Site include this Policy in its entirety ("Terms of Use"). The definitions given to capitalized nouns that have been used here but are not specified will apply to them as well. As soon as a user registers with the website and accepts its terms and conditions, this policy becomes operative. Before using our Services, please take the time to thoroughly read this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

Our first concern is the protection and security of your personal information, and we have taken all necessary and appropriate precautions to ensure the privacy of user information and its transfer over the internet.

You accept the terms of this Privacy Policy by using our Services, the Website, or by providing us with your information in any other way. You additionally indicate your acceptance to this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use by giving your express approval for us to use and disclose your Personal Information (as defined below) in the ways outlined in this Privacy Policy. Do not use the Website, subscribe to the Services, or provide us with any of your information if you disagree with this privacy statement.


Through your use of the Website, participation in the Property Panda community on social media sites, information submitted to one of our marketing partners, or any other interaction with Property Panda, we may gather information about you. We may gather and use the personal data you supply, including but not restricted to:

information that you give us when you register, including any facts that can be used to contact or locate the user, like name, address, email, bank information, and phone number.

Every computer or mobile device connected to the internet is given a domain name and a series of numbers that act as that machine's Internet Protocol, or "IP" address. Examples of such data include your mobile phone's operating system. Our web servers detect your domain name and IP address automatically when you request a page from any page on the Website. Other than the IP address from which you have viewed the Website, the domain name and IP address don't reveal any personal information about you.


We or our payment gateway provider may obtain your purchase, address, or billing information, including your credit card number and expiration date, when you select any subscription or paid service offered as part of our Services. However, the same are handled by such mobile operating system platform providers when you place an order utilizing an in-app purchase option on any of the Company's applications. Unless terminated, the subscriptions or paid services may be renewed automatically. You can cancel your subscription before the end of the subscription term if you decide at any time that you do not want it to renew automatically.


We might also get more information from you at other times, such as when you provide us feedback or comments, alter your email or content preferences, take our survey, or communicate with us in any other way.


We may use "cookies" or other similar electronic tools to collect information in order to give each visitor a special, random number as a User Identification (User ID) and better understand their unique interests using the identified computer or device. This helps us make the Sites more responsive for our Users. Even if we assign a cookie to your computer or device, we will not be able to identify you unless you explicitly identify yourself (via registration, for instance). Only information you submit can be used to identify you personally in cookies. Your device's or hard drive's data cannot be read by a cookie. If you click on one of their adverts or other content, our advertisers may also add their own cookies to your browser, a process that we have no control over. Every time you connect with us through the Site or Service using a computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile or handheld device, we acquire and store specific categories of Information about you.


The Company will only keep personal data as long as it's required to fulfil the purposes for which it was obtained and as long as the law allows it. Contact us by email at if you want to close your account or ask that the Company no longer use your information to provide you with services. Even after your account is closed, the Company may keep your personal information as long as it's necessary to satisfy legal and regulatory requirements, handle disputes, wrap up any operations associated with account cancellation, look into or stop fraud and other inappropriate activity, uphold our agreements, or for other business purposes.


The unique DoubleClick cookie ID on the user's browser is overwritten with the words "OPT OUT" if they want to opt out using the Ads Settings. The opt-out cookie can no longer be connected to a specific browser because there is no longer a distinct cookie ID.


When you access our site, application, or service, we automatically log a small amount of data, including your IP address, about the Internet connection of your computer and your mobile device. Your IP address is a number that tells internet-connected devices where to send information, such the pages you visit. Your IP address, the name of your computer, the kind and version of your browser, the CPU speed, and the connection speed are all pieces of information that we automatically receive and log from your browser. Additionally, we might gather log data from your device, such as its location, IP address, name, serial number, or unique identifying number (such as the UDiD on an iOS device), operating system, browser type and version, CPU speed, and connection speed, among other things.


We might acquire details about you from other sources, add them to the data we already have on you, and handle them in line with this Policy. Your account information and order information may be given to us if you disclose it to the platform provider or another partner to whom we offer services.


In order to provide you communications and promotions that are more specifically tailored to you, we might consult different sources of demographic and other information. Among other tools, we utilize Google Analytics to monitor user activity on our websites. We have enabled Google Analytics expressly to allow display advertising in order to better understand the demographics and preferences of our users. The reports are anonymous and can't be connected to any specific, personally identifiable data that you could have given us. Using Google's Ads Settings, you can choose not to use Google Analytics for display advertising and modify Google Display Network ads.


Links on this website could take you to other websites. Please be aware that after you leave the Company's website, the other website's privacy policy will apply to you. The Company may not always have control over the linked websites. Please be advised that the Company does not control the privacy policies or procedures of such third-party websites. The Company strongly advises reading the privacy statements on each and every website that gathers personal data. You solely assume all risk if you choose to access any of the third-party websites connected to the Website. The linking party is responsible for any links to any of the Company's partners; the Company is not liable for notifying users of any changes to the names or locations of any and all material on the Website.


The Company's main objective in gathering your information is to give you a platform on which to access the Services. The following are some possible uses for the personal data you gave to the Company:

to assist in offering you the Services;

We are able to develop the Services and give you the best user-friendly experience thanks to the information provided by the users. In specific circumstances or while providing a particular service or utility, we may also need your contact information. The Company may use the aforementioned user information to maintain, safeguard, and improve the Services (including advertising and personalization on the Sites) and for creating new Services, as all needed Information is service dependent.

Additionally, we might send promotional emails to your email address or other personally identifiable information about third parties' goods and services with an unsubscribe/subscribe option about our services and/or such additional updates and features (where feasible). However, we might use your email address for administrative or non-marketing purposes (such as notifying you of major changes, for customer service purposes, billing, etc.).

Any personally identifiable information that you give that is widely available and/or accessible in the public domain, such as any comments, messages, blogs, or scribbles posted on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., will not be regarded as sensitive.

Any user-generated content that is posted, uploaded, conveyed, or communicated on the public areas of the Sites is deemed published content and is not covered by this Policy.

We might not be able to provide you with some services on the Sites if you decide not to supply personally identifiable information on the Sites. When you open your account, we'll try our best to let you know about the same. In any case, we won't be held accountable or liable if we can't provide you with certain services because you haven't provided the appropriate personal information.

When you register for the Sites or Services, we may occasionally contact you about updating your personal information so that we can provide Users things that we think they might find useful or interesting.

Asset sales, mergers, acquisitions, and bankruptcies

As a result of a sale or acquisition, merger, or bankruptcy involving the Company, the information acquired from you may be transferred to a third party.

How are the data gathered used?

When you visit or use our sites or services, we employ third-party advertising businesses to show ads. These businesses may use data about your visits to or use of a specific website, mobile application, or service (but not your name, address, email address, telephone number, or any other personally identifiable information) to deliver advertisements for products and services that may be of interest to you. Utilizing Times Internet Limited's own ad serving technologies, Property panda additionally enables marketers and producers to deliver adverts directly.

Sharing of Information

Your personal information will be used to enable you to access your account on the website, address specific service problems, keep you updated on new services and features, and communicate with you about how you're using the website. Any additional data gathered will be used for business purposes, which may include the viewing or advertising of residential or commercial real estate, rental properties, or the use of related services by Users, as well as data usage for analytical purposes, improving the Site's functionality, and serving you with targeted advertisements.


The Company proposes to share such Information with its group companies, as well as officers and staff of those group companies, in order to do business and to handle personal data on its behalf. We also make sure that the recipients of this information consent to processing it in accordance with our instructions, this Policy, and any other applicable confidentiality and security safeguards.

The Company intends to use the Information to carry out its operations and to share it with the officers and staff of the other firms in its group who will be processing personal data on its behalf. We also make sure that the recipients of this information consent to processing it in accordance with our instructions, this Policy, and any other applicable confidentiality and security safeguards.

The Company may provide Information to our advertisers and third parties in order to better understand our audience and demonstrate the effectiveness of our online advertising. Typically, this Information takes the form of aggregated statistics on the traffic to different pages on our website.

When we have reason to believe that revealing User information is necessary to identify, contact, or bring legal action against someone who may be causing interference with our rights or our Sites, whether intentionally or unintentionally, or when anyone else could be harmed by such activities, we may share your information in order to enforce or protect our rights or those of any or all of our affiliates, associates, employees, directors, or officers.

We share your email address with other businesses whose goods or services we believe you might be interested in

Registered phone numbers of visitors to our site may be contacted by us by phone or text message with information about new goods and services or impending events.


To protect and secure such Personal Information, the Company has implemented the necessary administrative controls. Only information that is compatible with and pertinent for the purposes for which it was gathered or allowed by the user is processed by the Company. Users of the Website have access to their Personal Information and can update, correct, or remove any inaccurate data.

Your information is protected by the Company using commercially reasonable safeguards against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, duplication, use, and modification.

The information that is gathered from you may be sent to, kept, and processed at any location within and/or outside of India. You consent to this transfer, storing, and/or processing by providing information on the website. The Company will take the reasonable efforts it deems necessary to ensure that your information is handled securely and in compliance with this Privacy Policy.

You acknowledge that using the Website implies some inherent security risks associated with data transmission over the internet. The Company assumes no liability for any disclosure of information due to transmission errors, unauthorized third-party access or other acts of third parties, or acts or omissions beyond its reasonable control, so you agree not to hold the Company liable for any security breach. As a result, you agree to use the Website at your own risk.

If the Company learns of any breach in the security of your information, it will contact you right away and do all in its power to correct the situation.


The name and contact information for the Grievance Officer are listed below in compliance with the Information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules promulgated thereunder. Any User complaints regarding the inconsistencies or improper use of information submitted to Property Panda may be directed to the grievance officer designated by Property Panda for this reason, whose contact information is provided below.

Contact Number: +91 7575081000
Email Id:
Within one month of the day the grievance was received from the User, the grievance officer must respond.


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